Herb Tea recipes

Herb Tea

Herbal teas not only have delicious flavor but they can be therapeutic as well, by easing digestion, soothing the stomach, relaxing nerves, warming-up or cooling-down the body, and lifting the spirits. See the full recipe details along with our suggestions as to which variety is best by clicking on the blue link in each summary.






Tea for two

Basic Rule of Thumb for Making Herb Tea Of course there are many delicious combinations that can be used when making fresh or dried herbal teas. Here are some recommendations for you to try!

Nighty-Night Bedtime Tea

Nighty-Night Bedtime Tea This is my favorite late night tea; calming, comforting and flavorful. Make this with fresh or dried herbs in any proportion you like best.

Bronze Fennel Tea

Bronze Fennel Tea Stimulates the appetite, promotes good digestion, and is an excellent remedy for gas.




Raspberry Tea If you are used to the kick of Black Tea, this one may really appeal to you. The Raspberry leaves contain an acid called tannin that gives black tea its bite.

Sweet and Spicy Herb Tea Delicious hot or iced. Double this recipe to make enough to divide down to give as gifts! Be sure to put in airtight containers for best flavor.

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