Sage recipes

We are most familiar with the flavor of Sage from our savory holiday stuffing or as a seasoning in our breakfast sausage. The association has benefits; Sage is a valuable natural aid in the digestion of fatty foods, therefore goes well with any rich meat such as pork, duck, and liver. Sage flavors herbed cheeses and makes a tasty herbed butter as well. See full recipe details along with our suggestions as to which variety is best by clicking on the blue link in each summary.

Mom’s Best Meatloaf The perfect meatloaf recipe! Great for sandwiches.

Parmesean-Sage Biscuits Try these savory biscuits filled with egg and sausage for breakfast or filled with ham, tomato and cheese for lunch. Then again, they are a perfect side for soup and salad, so you better make a double batch!

Fresh Sage Stuffing Here’s the classic sage stuffing to grace your chicken or turkey and fill the house with the heavenly aroma of the holidays.

Italian Sausage and White Beans with Sage This recipe was submitted by our customer, Dave Small. “This is so good that it motivated me to start a herb garden.”

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