Tarragon recipes

A little bit of Tarragon goes a long way, which is too bad as the Tarragon plant grows 2-3 feet tall in the garden. Tarragon is one of the four herbs in the fines herbes mixture that is popular in French cuisine. For best results add Tarragon during the last few minutes of cooking.

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Low-fat Potato Salad with Chives and Tarragon

Low-fat Potato Salad with Chives and Tarragon This is a quick, delicious lunch that is easy to alter according to taste, a lovely recipe for summer picnics and family reunions.

Veggie Kebabs with Tarragon

Veggie Kebabs with Tarragon This is an easy, tasty side dish that is also very flexible. You can add artichoke hearts, potatoes, or beef to change it up. Serve with rice or noodles. A great vegan dish.

Harvest Garden Salad

Harvest Garden Salad This recipe is just an idea starter. Use whatever fresh summer vegetables and herbs you harvest from your garden or find at the market that taste good and look beautiful together.

Tarragon, Lemon Verbena and Honeydew Sorbet

Tarragon, Lemon Verbena and Honeydew Sorbet Light, refreshing and delicately flavored – a perfect summertime dessert!

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