Organic Herbs

Herbs are amazing! We love growing them. As you can see from the list below, we can’t get enough of them. Click on a plant name to find pictures, detailed descriptions and care instructions.

Balm, Citronella


Mint, Mojito

Sage, Berggarten

Balm, Lemon


Mint, Mountain

Sage, Berggarten variegated

Basil, African blue

Curry Plant

Mint, Orange

Sage, Common

Basil, Amethyst

Cutting Celery

Mint, Peppermint

Sage, Elephant Ear

Basil, Aroma

Dill (Common)

Mint, Pineapple

Sage, Garden Grey

Basil, Aussie Purple

Dill, Fernleaf

Mint, Silver

Sage, Golden

Basil, Blue Spice

Eucalyptus, Silver Drop

Mint, Spearmint

Sage, Maxima

Basil, Boxwood

Fennel, Bronze

Mint, Strawberry

Sage, Pineapple

Basil, Cardinal

Fennel, Florence

Mint, Thai

Sage, Golden Pineapple

Basil, Christmas

Galium, Sweet Woodruff

Mint, Variegated Peppermint

Sage, Purple

Basil, Dark Opal


Monarda, Bee Balm, red shades

Sage, Tricolor

Basil, Genovese


Nasturtium, Empress of India

Sage, White

Basil, Greek Columnar

Lavender, Bandara Purple

Nasturtium, Gleam Gold

Savory, Summer

Basil, Green Bouquet

Lavender, Ellagance Pink

Nasturtium, Jewell

Savory, Winter

Basil, Holy

Lavender, Ellagance Purple

Nasturtium, Jewell Salmon

Scented Geraniums

Basil, Holy Red & Green

Lavender, Ellagance Sky

Basil, Italian large leaf

Lavender, Ellagance Snow

Nasturtium, Mahogany Red

Basil, Patio Key Lime

Lavender, Fernleaf

Nasturtium, Tip Top Gold

Basil, Lemon (Mrs. Burns)

Lavender, French Fringed

Oregano, Bristol Cross

Scented Geranium – Lemon

Basil, Lettuce leaf

Lavender, French Perfume

Oregano, Dittany of Crete

Sorrel, French

Basil, Licorice

Lavender, Goodwin Creek

Oregano, Golden


Basil, Lime

Lavender, Grey French

Oregano, Greek

Tarragon, French

Basil, Magical Michael

Lavender, Grosso

Oregano, Hopley’s

Tarragon, Spanish

Basil, Mini Purple

Lavender, Hidcote

Oregano, Hot & Spicy

Thyme, Archer’s Gold

Basil, Pesto Perpetuo

Lavender, Lavance

Oregano, Italian

Thyme, Bressingham

Basil, Purple Ruffles

Lavender, Munstead

Oregano, Jim’s Best

Thyme, Caraway

Basil, Red Rosie

Lavender, Phenomenal

Oregano, Kent Beauty

Thyme, English

Basil, Thai Siam Queen

Lavender, Provence

Oregano, Turkish

Thyme, French

Basil, Spicy Globe

Lavender, Purple Ribbon

Oregano, Variegated

Thyme, Golden Lemon

Basil, Sweet

Lavender, Spanish Eyes

Parsley, Curled

Thyme, Lavender

Basil, Sweet Thai

Lavender, Super Blue

Parsley, Italian

Thyme, Lemon

Basil, Thai Magic

Lemon Grass (East Indian)


Thyme, Lime


Lippia, Aztec sweet herb


Thyme, Minus

Burnet, Salad

Marjoram, Crinkle leaf

Rosemary, Arp

Thyme, Mother of

Calendula, Alpha

Marjoram, Sweet

Rosemary, BBQ

Thyme, Orange


Rosemary, Common

Thyme, Oregano scented

Chamomile, German

Mint, Apple

Rosemary, Gorizia

Thyme, Red Creeping

Chamomile, Roman

Mint, Banana

Rosemary, Hill Hardy

Thyme, Silver Lemon


Mint, Basil

Rosemary, Huntington Carpet

Thyme, Spicy Orange


Mint, Catmint Walker’s Low

Rosemary, Lockwood de Forest

Thyme, Stepping Stone

Chives, Garlic

Mint, Chocolate

Rosemary, Prostrate

Thyme, Wedgewood

Chives, Gigantic

Mint, Ginger

Rosemary, Salem

Thyme, White Creeping

Chives, Onion

Mint, Indian

Rosemary, Spice Island

Thyme, Wine & Roses

Cilantro, Santo

Mint, Julep

Rosemary, Tuscan Blue

Thyme, Wooly


Mint, Kentucky Colonel


Verbena, Lemon