Our Growing Practices

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Sullivan’s Greenhouse grows USDA certified organic herbs and vegetables. We also grow ornamental plants using many of the same organic and sustainable practices as in our organic production. As a family in the business of cultivating plants, we are interested in contributing to the earth, rather than harming it. We are committed to developing sustainable growing practices, whether it involves environmentally-friendly pest control, energy conservation measures, water conservation, or recycling. The following links display some of the changes we have made over the past few years to become more sustainable.





Compost tea fertilizer

Organic compost tea fertlizer brewer

Organic Fertilizers

Reducing energy costs in the greenhouse

Reduced energy use

Reduced Energy Use

Releasing predators into the greenhouse environment

Organic pest contol

Organic Pest Control


Using sticky traps to reduce pesticide use

Reduced pesticide use

Reduced Pesticide Use

Collapsible water tank

Water conservation

Water Conservation

Glass in the greenhouse instead of plastic

Reducing our consumption of plastics

Reducing Our Consumption of Plastics


Stewwardship of the land

Land stewardship

Land Stewardship