Water Conservation

Water is one of our most valuable resources. It’s also expensive. We are constantly upgrading our watering equipment and practices to make the most of every drop.

Over the last few years we have installed two rainwater collection and distribution systems to take advantage of some the rain that falls on our roofs. Rainwater is superior to the water that we purchase from the rural water district because it has no chlorine, fewer impurities, a neutral pH, it’s free and the plants love it! As of January 2008, we were able to collect over 8800 gallons of water from each inch of rain that fell on these two greenhouses.
This year we’ve added a collapsible water holding tank. It looks similar to a water bed only much larger. It is able to hold 50,000 gallons of collected rainwater!

Other water conservation measures we utilize include water saving devices such as computer controlled irrigation booms and basket watering systems, drip tubes, micro sprinklers and automated shade systems. To see more, visit our Facebook page.

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