Alphabetical List of Our Herb Seeds

Our herb seed packets are listed alphabetically here for your convenience. You can also use our search box (in the upper right hand corner of the purple tool bar) by typing in the herb name. If you would like to see what other varieties of a certain herb we carry, we have listed them by groups. These can be found by selecting a specific variety page under “Shop for Herb Seeds”. Photos of each herb are also included on the variety pages.

Clicking on any blue link below will take you a plant specific page that offers a large photo of the plant, at-a-glace stats, sowing and planting instructions, helpful tips, and harvesting guidelines.

Amaranth, Red
Balm, Lemon
Basil, Ararat
Basil, Aroma (organic)
Basil, Cardinal (organic)
Basil, Cinnamon (organic)
Basil, Fino Verde
Basil, Genovese (organic)
Basil, Holy (organic)
Basil, Italian Large Leaf (organic)
Basil, Lemon (organic)
Basil, Lettuce Leaf
Basil, Lime (organic)
Basil, Red Rubin (organic)
Basil, Serata
Basil, Thai Siam Queen
Basil, Sweet Nufar (organic)
Basil, Sweet Thai (organic)

Bee Balm (Monarda)
Borage, Blue
Burnet, Salad
Calendula, Deja Vu
Catnip (organic)
Catnip, Lemon
Chamomile, Common (Bodegold) (organic)
Chamomile, German (organic)
Chamomile, Roman
Chervil (organic)
Chives, Garlic (organic)
Chives, Onion (organic)
Cilantro, Calypso
Cilantro, Santo (organic)

Dill, Common (organic)
Dill, Fernleaf
Fennel, Bronze (organic)
Fennel, Florence
Garlic Chives (organic)
Hyssop, Blue
Lavender, Hidcote
Lavender, Lady
Lavender, Munstead
Lavender, Spanish Eyes
Lemon Balm
Mint, Catmint
Mint, Peppermint
Mint, Spearmint
Nasturtium, Empress of India
Nasturtium, Jewell
Onion Chives (organic)
Oregano, Greek

Sweet Marjoram
Parsley, Curled (organic)
Parsley, Italian (organic)
Rosemary, Common
Sage, Common (organic)
Savory, Summer
Savory, Winter
Shiso, Green
Shiso, Red
Sorrel, French
Sweet Marjoram
Tarragon, Russian
Thyme, English (organic)