Cilantro seeds

Cilantro is one of the most distinctively flavored herbs and an invaluable culinary addition to the garden. It is a staple in Thai, Indian, Caribbean and Mexican cuisine. The best salsa always includes fresh cilantro. However, for many it is an acquired taste; it is quite pungent. But most people find the leaves of this plant refreshing. Once hooked, you can’t get enough! Cilantro is a short lived annual, plan on replacing it in July or August.

Have you had trouble growing Cilantro? Many gardeners get frustrated growing this plant because of its tendency to go to flower early. We recommend planting some seed with your plants so that you’ll have some young sprouts coming along later to prolong the harvest. Even so it is necessary to keep an eye on this plant to keep it from going to seed as long as possible. As soon as you see flower stocks appear, pinch them out. Eventually you will need to allow Cilantro to go to seed, however, because although it is an annual it will come back if left to reseed. If you allow the fallen seeds to sprout next season, you’ll have a larger crop. You may still want to buy a plant or two to plant early because the seed won’t germinate until the soil warms up (usually in May).

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Calypso Cilantro (seeds)

Cilantro, Calypso seeds

Santo Cilantro

Cilantro, Santo seeds


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