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Mints have a tendency to be quite invasive, so many people plant their mints in pots or containers. However, if you want to keep mint in your garden, try planting your seeds in bottomless number ten cans, or surround them with a barrier that is at least ten inches deep – laundry baskets work well for this. Just be sure to drill plenty of holes in the bottom of the laundry basket to allow for drainage. If you have a damp spot in your garden area, consider planting mint as a groundcover as it likes a moist soil.

Mints attract an number of good pollinators to the garden. Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators are attracted to the mint when it flowers.

Some mint seeds don’t  produce the exact variety, so often the recommended planting method is to start mint plants from root division from an existing plant stock, cuttings, suckers, or stolons. Cuttings will root easily in a moist potting medium, or even in water. If you are dividing an existing plant it is best done in the fall. The Mints offered below, however, are easy to grow and will reproduce the exact variety mentioned.

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Mint, Peppermint seeds

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Mint, Spearmint seeds


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