Parsley seeds

Parsley seedlings

Parsley, a biennial that produces leaf in the first year and creamy white clusters of flowers in the second, has a mild flavor and works well with other herbs by enhancing their flavors. Its chlorophyll content makes it a natural breath sweetener. High in vitamins A, C, and several B vitamins, along with calcium and iron, most people recognize it as a plate garnish, but it is great when used in cooking. Add at the end of cooking for best flavor.

Find out more about each variety we carry by clicking the link below, or simply type the plant name in our search box above. (While not technically parsleys, we’ve also listed Cilantro and Chervil here as they have similar properties and can often be substituted if necessary.)






Chinese Parsley seeds (Cilantro)

Parsley, Chinese (Cilantro)

Curled Parsley seeds

Parsley, Curled

French Parsley seeds (Chervil)

Parsley, French (Chervil)

Italian Flatleaf Parlsey seeds

Parsley, Italian Flatleaf (organic seed)