Curry Plant

Helichrysum angustifolium organic herb plants

Organic Curry

  • botanical name: Helichrysum angustifolium
  • perennial zone 5
  • height 12-24″
  • full sun tolerant, morning sun/afternoon shade
  • poor-average soil
  • flower color yellow
  • uses in garden: great in containers, drought tolerant, fragrant
  • use as an insect repellent
  • deer and rabbit resistant

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Organic herb plant

Curry plant, originating in Turkey, is an herb that is primarily grown for its ornamental qualities, though the name might lead to other conclusions. It does have a strong curry scent, however, and its aroma is useful in closets and drawers to repel moths and spiders. In the garden, it has an excellent compact bushy habit with silvery needle-like foliage and bright yellow flower clusters.

Sowing Instructions:
Propagate by heel or semi-ripe cuttings in summer. Cut back the old wood in spring. Add mulch around your Curry Plant in winter.

To harvest: leaves and flowers may be used fresh during the growing season. To dry: pinch off the leaves and flowers during the growing season and before the first frost. Place leaves and flowers in a paper bag to dry, store in a cool, dark and dry place. Once dried, place the dried leaves and flowers into cloth sachet bags to help repel moths and spiders in storage areas and closets.