Nasturtium, Mahogany Red

organic Tropaeolum majus red

Organic Mahogany Red Nasturtium

  • botanical name: Tropaeolum majus
  • annual
  • height 12-16″
  • spacing 8-12″ apart
  • full sun tolerant, partial shade
  • poor-average soil
  • flower color red
  • uses in garden: as a border, great in containers, as edgings, mass planting
  • use in salads, on sandwiches
  • attracts hummingbirds

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***This variety will be available again in Spring 2017


Mahogany Red Nasturtiums add a touch of old-fashioned charm to vegetable gardens, borders and pots with their deep scarlet flowers which blend beautifully into any planting. They are also a good choice to mix with spring-flowering bulbs, since they can effectively hide unattractive bulb foliage. The large, 1 1/2-2″, spurless blooms are an unusually rich color and are perfect for dramatic mass plantings as well. The flower, leaves and seed pods are edible, each with a watercress or radishy flavor. Chop leaves and flowers to add to salad; use flowers stuffed or minced and added to butters.

Nasturtiums are easy to care for. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Nasturtiums actually do better in soil of moderate-to-low fertility, and prefer well-drained conditions. High nitrogen levels will promote more foliage rather than flower production. Does best where summers are cool. Nasturtiums have average watering needs; don’t over water. They will tolerate poor, dry soil.

Sowing Instructions:
Recommended planting method: outdoors – sow seeds two weeks before the last frost, 1/2 inches deep, 6 inches apart. Cover seeds with soil, as they require darkness to germinate. Germination 7-14 days. Thin seedlings after they have their first true leaves, spacing plants 8-12 inches apart. Days to bloom 55-65.

Harvest when flowers are fully open. You can harvest the leaves at any time. Collect seed head/pod when flowers fade; allow to dry. Or allow seed heads to dry on plants; remove and collect seeds.