Rosemary varieties

Rosemary garden bed

Rosemary is known and loved by its wonderfully aromatic piney scent and needle-like foliage. To touch it is to be perfumed by it. It has been cherished by cooks and apothecaries for centuries. Rosemary originated in the Mediterranean and is steeped in legend, said to live exactly 33 years – the length of Christ’s life, and then die.

Rosemary has been a cultivated herb for so long that natural hybrids have formed to give us different types for different situations. In warm climates where the ground does not freeze, it may become a shrub 8 feet tall. In the north it does not survive cold winters, but it is a favorite pot to bring indoors, to be set out again in the late spring. In California, ‘Prostrate Rosemary’ is widely planted in the landscapes of the populous cities as a groundcover. Find great Rosemary recipes here!

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Rosmarinus officinalis

Arp Rosemary

Rosemary, Arp

Rosmarinus officinalis

Common Rosemary

Rosemary, Common

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Gorizia’

Gorizia Rosemary

Rosemary, Gorizia

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Lockwood de Forest’

Lockwood de Forest Rosemary

Rosemary, Lockwood de Forest

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Prostratus’

Prostrate Rosemary

Rosemary, Prostrate

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Salem’

Salem Rosemary

Rosemary, Salem


Rosmarinus officinalis

Spice Island Rosemary

Rosemary, Spice Island

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Tuscan Blue’

Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Rosemary, Tuscan Blue