Why We Only Ship in April and May

Pantry Garden Herbs is a line of organically grown herb varieties chosen especially for their culinary and ornamental value, and quality of cultivation. April and May are the optimal months for shipping live plants, which often travel in non-climate controlled UPS trucks.

We limit our shipping months to April and May for several reasons:

1. In most of the United States it is too early to plant our herbs in the ground until April.
2. After May it is too hot to keep the plants healthy in the greenhouse
3. In many places the hot summer weather creates undue stress on new plants that are trying to get established and may cause stunted growth.
4. In some areas it is too late to plant and expect to receive a reasonable harvest before the cool weather sets in

Our organically grown herb plants are grown in deep pots allowing for a superior root system. They are ready to plant and thrive in your garden and not intended to be grown in the pots themselves. For best results, transplant as soon as possible either into a larger pot or out into your garden.

We are dedicated to providing not only a product of the highest quality, but also to keeping our customers informed of how to care for their plants, and how to explore the amazing versatility of herbs.