Care and Planting Instructions

Easy to grow, borage readily self-sows. Plant in the spring after all danger of frost has passed in a location that will receive full sun to partial shade. Space plants 12″ apart in average to poor soil that is well-drained.

Grows well in containers or mixed pots. Plant height 18-30″. Attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators to the garden.

Borage borago officianalis

Borage plants bear hundreds of small and edible, beautiful flowers. Their taste has a mild cucumber flavor and are used in salads, as a garnish, or crystallized to make a ‘candy’. Traditionally, its leaves have been used to make tea to rid the body of fever.

Harvest borage as it begins to flower. Dry flowers quickly under moderate heat with good air circulation. It is not recommended to eat the leaves of borage, as they contain an alkaloid that may cause liver damage if the plant is consumed on a regular basis. Consuming small quantities of blossoms is considered safe. Borage seed oil does not contain pyrrolilzidine alkaloids. Seeds are a rich source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).