chenopodium capitatum

Care and Planting Instructions

Very easy to grow, Strawberry spinach is cold tolerant and can withstand light frosts. These plants prefer an area that will receive full sun and evenly moist, rich soil. Harvest leaves through the spring. Although it doesn’t bolt as quickly as regular spinach in hotter weather, once it bolts lovely red, distinctive berries appear. Rich soil and ample water will give the best growth and plumpest berries.

Apart from regular watering, care of strawberry spinach plants is minimal. As it is self-seeding, deadhead your plants (to remove the berries) if you don’t want to see them in the same spot next year.

Strawberry Spinach
chenopodium capitatum

Strawberry Spinach, (aka blite goosefoot, strawberry goosefoot, Indian paint, and Indian ink) is an annual with edible, green leaves that are picked and cooked like spinach.  The greens contain oxalates and should be eaten in moderation if you are sensitive. Easy to grow, these plants are similar to its wild relative ‘lamb’s quarters’.

Bright, red berries are produced during hot weather. They resemble strawberries but are bland in flavor. The coloring makes for an excellent accent when added to salads. Juice from the berries can be used as a red dye. Berries contain small, black, lens-shaped seeds that may be toxic if consumed in large quantities.