Care and Planting Instructions

Plant after danger of frost. Space plants in rows 15″-30″ apart. The use of nitrogen-fixing inoculants, as those used for soybean crops, will be helpful. Plants will reach 2′-2 1/2′ high. Harvest: 90 days

As pods begin to lose their bright green color, they are ready to pick. Most pods will ripen at the same time. To harvest, cut plants near the base when the pods are plump. Strip pods from plant, shell by removing beans from pod before use.

To store beans dry, allow pods to remain on bush. When at least 90% of the leaves have fallen and the pods are dry, pull the plants out by the roots. Remove beans from dry pods, place in container, and store in a cool place.

Edamame glycine max

Edamame (butterbeans)
A sweet & buttery green soybean.
AKA butterbeans. Stocky plants produce
prolific sets of large pods. Most pods
contain three large beans relatively easy
to shell. Harvest 90 days.

Edamame butter beans culture –

Edamame, a green soybean, is Japanese for “stem bean”. Also known as butter beans, they are commonly cooked and then served with salt. Edamame beans are becoming popular in many cultures as a healthy food item. High in protein, but low in calories, edamame beans once shelled (taken out of the pod) are often eaten as a snack, served as a vegetable dish, or used in soups. To cook: shell by removing beans from pod, rinse beans and steam or boil for five minutes, or until tender.