Care and Planting Instructions

Micromeria is fast growing and prefers full sun to partial shade. Plant height 24” with a spread of 24”. Although native to poor soils and rocky areas, it is very adaptable to heavy soils as long as they are not too wet or too rich. Drought tolerant once established. Needs protection from winter wet.

This plant can be grown indoors in a very bright window or under good fluorescent lighting. Pinch back often to stimulate new growth.


White Savory
micromeria fruticosa

Micromeria fruticosa, AKA White Savory, is an aromatic, evergreen perennial shrub. Native to the Middle East, it has opposite, egg shaped grey leaves and small white flowers. Does well when grown in containers or mixed pots.

This lemon-mint flavored culinary herb is used mainly in tea and soups; or try it chopped in salad in place of mint or parsley. Micromeria is also quite nice as a flavoring for fish or added to olive oil & salt to dip bread in.

Note: Should not be consumed by women who are pregnant or trying to conceive.