Organic Vegetables

Sullivan’s Greenhouse is always expanding our offering of amazing, organic Pantry Garden Veggies. Click on a plant name below and you’ll find a nice picture and detailed care and planting instructions to help you get the most from your garden. 


Cucumber varieties

Mustard Green varieties

Squash Summer varieties


Edamame beans

Okra varieties

Squash Winter varieties

Bean varieties

Eggplant varieties

Pak Choi varieties

Strawberry varieties

Beet varieties

Gourd varieties


Swiss Chard

Broccoli varieties

Peppers Hot varieties

Tomatillo varieties

Brussels Sprouts

Kale varieties

Peppers Sweet varieties

Tomato Heirloom varieties

Cabbage varieties


Pumpkin varieties

Tomato Hybrid & OP varieties

Cauliflower varieties

Lettuce Head type varieties

Watermelon varieties

Celery varieties

Lettuce Leaf type varieties


Collards varieties

Melon varieties

Spinach varieties