rumex sanguineus

Care and Planting Instructions

Rumex is a cold tolerant plant. It is hardy to light frosts.  Plant outside as soon as the soil can be worked in a space that will receive full to partial sun. Consider working in some good compost into the soil before planting seedlings. Applying side-dressings of additional compost every couple of weeks will encourage more leaf production.  Grows well in any average soil, but evenly moist soil is preferable so water regularly. A colorful addition to any garden or when used in container plantings. Plants grow to 10-12” tall.

Regular harvesting of the young leaves individually will encourage new center growth. You can also cut off the whole plant just above ground level with a sharp knife.  Rinse leaves thoroughly, spin or pat dry and refrigerate immediately. For best nutrition, harvest leaves in the morning. Harvest 30 days to maturity.

rumex sanguineus

rumex sanguineus
Raspberry Dressing Rumex
An excellent edible, ornamental with red veined,
green leaves. Tangy flavor similar to spinach or chard.
Perfect in salads or used in dressings. Harvest 30 days.

Rumex culture –

Rumex, often grown for its foliage, is an edible, ornamental. A colorful plant with rosettes of red-veined, light green leaves. The young leaves have a tangy flavor that is similar to swiss chard or spinach, but actually derives its name from tasting tart like a raspberry vinaigrette.

Can be used either sautéed or raw in salads much like spinach. Adds wonderful flavor to sauces or egg and fish dishes.