Care and Planting Instructions

Plant in the spring after all danger of frost has passed in a location that will receive full sun to partial shade. Space plants 6-8″ apart in rich, acidic soil that is well-drained. Plant height 12-24″. Does well in containers.

Water during dry weather and trim often to keep leaves small and tender. In excessive heat, mulching around the plant will help improve the flavor of the leaves.

Sorrel, French
rumex scutatus

Sorrel, a perennial, is also known as ‘bucker-leaf’ sorrel. It is much like spinach and tasty when cooked and served with a bit of salt and pepper, or it can be eaten fresh in salads. Its taste is crisp, tangy, slightly bitter and will add zest to a mixture of greens, tossed with a vinaigrette. A few leaves added to seafood dishes, brings a complementary flavor. One of the most common uses of Sorrel is French Sorrel soup, made with potatoes, cream, and egg yolks.

Sorrel is not one of the more gorgeous plants in the garden, but a plant or two is enough to provide for the average family. It is high in fiber and loaded with vitamins, especially vitamin C. The oxalic acid in the leaves are what gives it the tart flavor.

Harvest side leaves often or keep it pinched back until the plants become well established; later, the plant can be cut completely, right above the soil. Removing flower heads immediately will help deter bolting. Note: second year plants will spread and can be divided and transplanted.