Care and Planting Instructions

Transplant outside when all danger of frost has passed. Space plants 6″ apart, in rows at least 12″ apart in well-drained but relatively poor soil in a location that receives full sun to partial shade. Once plants are established they will require little care. Plant height 1”.

Thyme plants are susceptible to fungal diseases, avoid over watering. Wetting their leaves, while watering, also reduces their fragrance. Once established it is a drought tolerant groundcover. Deer and rabbit resistant.

To keep plants from becoming too woody, cut back plants by one half after flowering, to encourage new growth. To overwinter – keep sheltered from cold winds by mulching. In climates where the temperatures regularly go below 10 degrees F, plants should be heavily mulched or potted and brought inside during the winter months.

Thyme, Minus
thymus serpyllum ‘Minus’

Minus Thyme is the tiniest of tiny plants, and unless you look closely it looks like moss, especially since it doesn’t flower. Everyone will be delighted with it, especially if it is in a rock garden or between stepping-stones. The picture here shows it carpeting the bottom of a pot with a large variety of plants. Use it in areas that are too sunny for moss but where you would want a similar effect. It can handle light foot traffic.