Care and Planting Instructions

Transplant outside when all danger of frost has passed. Space plants 6″ apart, in rows at least 12″ apart in well-drained but relatively poor soil. Great between rocks, in fairy gardens, or combination planters. Once plants are established they will require little care. Plant height 1”.

Thyme plants are susceptible to fungal diseases, avoid over watering. Wetting their leaves, while watering, also reduces their fragrance.This variety is grown as an ornamental.


Thyme, Wooly
thymus pseudolanuginosus

Wooly Thyme is a tiny thyme that looks like silver hair from a distance. Wooly Thyme is the perfect plant for those little spots in the garden, planter, or between stones that need filling. Its fuzzy texture complements other plants, especially other types of thyme. Although it has a spicy thyme scent it is not a culinary variety. If you are considering helping your child start their own small plot in the garden or landscape, or their own planter, thyme is a perfect addition because it is easy to grow and smells nice. Children like different textures, so Wooly Thyme is a good option.