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Salad Herbs

Organic Herbs for Health

In spite of the fact that humans have been using herbs for millennia, we are still learning more and more about their real health benefits. Rosemary and Oregano, for example, are staples of many kitchens, but scientists have recently discovered that they’re also packed with cancer-fighting anti-oxidants — and the fresher you can eat them, the more nutrients they contain. Many herbs, such as Chamomile, Sage and Thyme contain high amounts of flavonoids (plant pigments responsible for the colors in flowers, fruit and leaves), which in studies have been shown to act as anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agents, as well as providing immune support. And of course, organically grown herbs are the healthiest option for both you and the earth, because they’re free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. See our growing practices here.


Organic Herbs on a Budget

As food prices increase, herbs are becoming an ever more appealing way to bring flare to otherwise simple and frugal meals. For instance, it may be expensive to buy a pack of cut Basil leaves at the grocery store, but you can grow it in a pot at home and have enough to make your own pesto, or just add leaves to your sandwiches and pasta dishes for a burst of flavor. Or, you can turn a basic salad into gourmet fare by throwing in some French Sorrel leaves or Nasturtium flowers fresh from your backyard. Check out our Herb recipes for great meals and ways to spice up familiar dishes.

organic Ocimum basilicum

Basil adds flare to simple meals


Easy growing Herbs

You don’t need a culinary degree or a large backyard to grow and use herbs! Because the greatest uses of herbs are generally in their leaves, and because each leaf is packed with flavor and nutrients, for most people a small growing space is all that is needed — much less than is needed for a vegetable garden. Most herbs are quite happy in pots, and look very decorative planted this way. In fact, some herbs (such as Mints) are best grown in pots, because otherwise they may take over the garden! At Pantry Garden Herbs, we offer a great variety of organic herbs that are very easy to grow, and provide easy and detailed instructions on how to sow and grow our herbs. We also offer articles on this site for how to use the herbs that you grow: preserving them, how to make herb pastes, herb vinegars, or herb oils, and many more!


veggie basket

Organic vegetables

Pantry Garden has expanded its line to include organic veggies! We’ve hand picked the best varieties for our area and tried them ourselves in our own gardens. We give you first hand knowledge on each plant page so you can have your best garden yet. See our selection.

Botanical illustration by Kristin Sullivan Calhoun

Botanical illustration by Kristin Sullivan Calhoun

See who does our artwork!

Kristin Sullivan Calhoun, oldest daughter of Tim and Catherine Sullivan, is a free-lance graphic designer and illustrator in Columbus Ohio. Read more.

Grilling with Rosmary skewers

Rosemary Skewers

Rosemary stems are perfect for grilling! If you are fortunate enough to live in a mild climate where the rosemary can grow as big as shrubs, the rosemary stems can be your skewer. If not, use ordinary skewers and pierce the ends of your meat and veggies with smaller rosemary sprigs. Find out how.

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